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by scarlett, 15 May 2010, rating 0

Dressing table


You never know that when acute boy walks down and gives you a nice looking grin that he's the one. You never know when a boy will feel he needs to dump you. Some things in life are better to be kept a secret where as some things you can go blabbing on about. You've got to knowwhich type it is though.Otherwise your secret can be twisted around turning your small secrets into big problems. Trust me, it can happen.

I'm melony but people call me mel. The cutest boy in the world asked me out and i was waiting at my house. His name is Jake and I told him i love him and thathes really cute. I asked him not to tell ANYONE ELSE.Little did I know that he would turn up with my best friend,push me to the stairs and go off laughing. I guess best friends arn't allways what they seem. Secrets cant allways be kept. I ran inside and tryed to forget about it but everybody knows that when something is so important to you, you can't.I guess i'll just have to go with it and see what happens. So I curled up on my bed and tryed to get somesleep. The next morning I was all fresh and ready for another day. I slipped on my clothes ready forschool then brushed my teeth, tryed out a fab new hairstyle and put on my make-up. I went down to hairstyle and put on my make-up. I went down toget breaky then headed off to school with my Second best mate (who is now my 1stconsidering what happened last night with me,y x best mate and my fake bf, Jake)We went to the girls toilets to take a breakfrom the crowded corridor and splashed each other with water to cheer ourselves upa tad.We left the girls toilets,walked down the corridor and for some strange reasoneverybody pointed at me and laughed or looked at me and said i love you  your socute! I was puzzled at the time, then i realised there was only one answer to this... JAKE!!! i stormed down the hall anddragged him to to the corner by his shirt then asked him if he told everybody."Duh..." he replied so i slapped himround the face in revenge.

Chapter 2

when i got home from school there was a cup of tea and abiscuit on the table. I gobbled up the biscuit and slurped down my drink. Then i walked over to mum to ask if i can have a sleepover. Just my luck the anwer was a yes. I called up Ella(who is now my 1st best friend) and a few hours later she rang at the doorbell. We have all jaffa cakes and shortbread and drinks laid out as if we were going to have a big party or a feast! I opened the door. All of a sudden a lovely cold draft blew on my boiling,hot face. "come on in" I said politely.
We ran upstairs and scattered out all the girl mags on the floor.wew both new what to do. Reading each others mind we went straight to page 27. Advice about guys! we read every mag ofevery page there was about boys then we put all or mag back and discussed good things that we read. From then we gaveeach other a makeover. We chose out clothes for each other then we put on our make-up. "3...2...1..PILLOW FIGHT!!!"I screamed we picked up our pillows then we got going!we hit each other with the pillows as hard as we could thenElla knocked me over. I pressed the applause button on myKareoke machine and Ella took a bow just as a laugh. I put on

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