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This site was inspired by my daughter Scarlett who just loves writing stories. She wanted somewhere on the web where she could publish her stories for the world to read. A fun place where stories can be written, shared and reviewed with like minded young writers.

Bare with us while we put this site together. Currently you can register and start writing stories. The story editor is a really good WYSIWIG (what you see is what you get) editor which not only lets you create great stories, but also put your own individual style on the story. If you've got access to photo sharing on the web such as flicker, you can even illustrate your stories with your own pictures too!

There is no automated publishing of your stories yet (we're working on that!). This will come but we need to make sure there is a good approval process for stories submitted. This will be a very straightforward process, we don't want to stifle creativity, but at the same time we want to be a safe place for young writers!

Anyway folks, dive in and start writing stories! Any questions, queries thoughts about the development of this site, don't hesitate to mail us at